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Trafficking in Utah

Trafficking in Utah is becoming commonplace, and of all criminal violations affiliated with drugs, this charge is by far the most serious. Going straight via Utah, Interstate 70 (I-70), in particular, has become one of the highways most used for moving drugs through state lines to the eastern areas of the United States. The Utah State Patrol, and other law enforcement companies, have stopped numerous motor vehicles passing on I-70 with the purpose of looking into them in the probabilities of discovering illegal drugs somewhere in the cars. Law enforcement firms utilize certain techniques and procedures to stop and check automobiles. These traffic stops and vehicle investigations are often characterized as “Interstate drug interdiction” cases.

Trafficking in Utah Penalties

Utah has severe penalties regarding drug violations especially when it concerns a larger trafficking operation.Drug trafficking is viewed as a felony and, simply put, the penalties you deal with will be some of the toughest you can possibly think about. Depending on the substance and the quantity, penalties can vary from a maximum of 5 years, 15 years or life in prison with fines of up to $10,000.

Trafficking in Utah Defense

One of the initial things our drug defense attorneys look for when fighting for a person charged of trafficking in Utah is whether the police officer themselves acted legally. The best defense for a drug trafficking case requires for an attorney to challenge the legitimacy of law enforcement’s traffic stop of the vehicle, the continued detention of the suspect following completion of the objective of the first traffic stop, or to the legitimacy of permission to check the vehicle and if the investigation was performed without legal authorization.

If the police discovers drugs right from a person’s belongings, the drugs and other proof could be suppressed if the police officer did not follow the proper process needed under the U.S. or Utah Constitution. Other trafficking in Utah defenses consist of techniques just like whether the definite weight of the substance was accurate when allowing for hydration, regardless if the chemical composition of the substance was correct as charged, and whether there was joint or constructive possession of the substance.

Trafficking in Utah Defense Lawyer

For efficiently defending the trafficking in Utah charges and vehicle searches, you have to hire a proficient attorney from Utah. Contact a Utah drug lawyer who has vast knowledge of your constitutional rights, and how to use that expertise to bring about a dismissal or lesser charge. Our lawyers will investigate every possible angle in an effort to ensure that law enforcement did not violate your constitutional rights when they pulled you over and searched your vehicle.

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